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I wondered if you could give me some advice regarding my almost 2 year old son. Since the moment he was born he had a very noisy wheeze and one cold after another, his nose was constantly running and he had a persistant cough. Time and time again we were told by the Dr that he had a chest infection and given antibiotics....until he reached 14months old when I saw a different Dr who said that he probably had asthma and prescribed him steroids and ventolin inhaler. The only 'problem' being that 2 days after this diagnosis we were due to go on a 6 month trip as a family - myself, husband, 4 year old daughter and 14 month old son - to South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. We took his medication, but I can honestly saw from 4 days in to our travels he was like a different boy, no more colds, coughs, lethargy, wheezing etc. The change in climate seemed to make a huge difference. Whilst in Australia I suffered from a really bad back and visited a Bowen Therapist, after 3 sessions the results were amazing. After years of pain I felt so much better and still do.
Once returning to the UK in January 2011, our son's health went downhill again after about a week, he even had to be taken to A&E a couple of times, and has now had further investigations and has budesonide inhaler and ventolin, which I can only give him when asleep as he refuses to take it. He is now on a dairy free diet as we have noticed this seems to relieve his symptoms and we have changed a lot of things in our environment, carpets, bedding etc. But still he is not as I think he should be. We are awaiting an appointment for allergy testing which the GP referred him to. I started to look in to alternative therapies as I am not so keen on him being reliant on the inhalers. I saw that the Bowen Technique can have a very positive affect on asthma and would like to learn more about this, and also wondered if you could recommend a therapist in my local area - Folkestone, Kent.
I look forward to your reply. Many thanks, Elizabeth Harman.

Thank you for your question. This is not an unusual tale, I am sorry to say. However, I have seen many very similar cases which have mostly responded very quickly to Bowen. There are a number of aspects which raise questions for me. The most difficult is, why should he do so much better away from Folkstone. I cannot easily make a judgement which is why I am prepared to visit you in Folkstone. This is only 1 hour away from me (I have just returned from Dover having had 10 days in the middle of France!)If you would like to give me a call, or let me have your number, we can arrange for me to visit you.

One of my former students lives at Barham, near Canterbury, but is retiring. I think another student of mine may be from Folkstone/Dover. I am not sure, but will try to locate them. Nevertheless, I would prefer to have seen you and your son so that I can judge as to what I would expect to happen.

The good news is that, in most cases I treat, change comes very quickly.

I am preparing material this week ready for the Allergy & Gluten Free Show at Olympia where I have had a stand called "Bowen for Asthma" for the past several years. However, I can make time to be able to travel down to see you either tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon or Wednesday early afternoon. Thursday is just possible in the morning but I am due to travel up to Olympia to set the stand up in the afternoon. The Show is from Friday to Sunday. This is a good Show which might be of interest to you, but I would suggest I treat your son first and we can see what might be needed next.

Please contact me as early as you like on 01892 543 588.

Alastair Rattray

my 2 years old daughter was dignosed with skin asthma.. pls give me some advise how to cure so worried about her.. the dermatologist only gave her some kind of cleanser and moisturizers with no specific brand/generic name. i think i should find another one..

Dear Kristine
I am sorry this reply is so late but unfortnately my system did not flag that you had asked a question. I just happened by and found it!

Skin Asthma (Eczema is its usual name) is a common complaint and is only called "skin asthma" because so many children get both and it is therefore assumed they are totally linked. There are, unfortunately many versions of this condition which causes dry and itchy skin conditions. I do see a number of cases who have Asthma and they usually respond to Bowen very well. However, the "skin asthma" takes longer to respond. There can be many causes such as diet, washing powder, the liquid used at the end of the wash (ie chemicals), Bio washing powder in particular, synthetic material (eg underwear and the use of chemical sprays to clean the house.

If you are able to find a local Bowen therapist, it is worth trying some treatments. However, the "skin asthma" sometimes comes more to the surface immediately as the body is trying to get rid of it. I have found that it then subsides a lot.

I am sorry I could not help further. It is important to try to reduce it as it sometimes leads to the child developing Asthma. Bowen is really good with that.

dear sir
my son is two and half years old when he was only six month some regular attack of cough and cold within three month. doctor said the child has vsd with 3.2 mm cause thease attack and also treetment for primary complex .
now vsd is completely fillup
and primary complex treatment is complete. but the problem is as it is . a period of 15days to 1month a cough and cold attack having symptoms wheezeling in lungs , fast breathing extra mucus, etc
doctor treatment nebulize with asthalin and budecort respules.antibiotic azithromycin
with antiallergic cough syrup,
with steroid syrup.
child recoverd within 7-10 days
but the problem is as itis
a childspecialist said that this is childhoos asthama and he put on child on rugular use of budecort respules (budenisone) morning and evening since 5 month but there is no improvment . the attach is continuous with 1 month to 15 days
what can i do now
please help me

Thank you for your question. Your son's case raises some questions from me and I would be grateful if you could let me have some answers so that I can give you the most relevant advice.

When does he have his attacks? Every day, every night when he goes to bed? After food? etc This can indicate any possible allergic reactions which may be causing the mucus to form.

The rapid breathing is important and indicates that he is struggling to get enough oxygen in. However, it is also an indication of panic (which even adults get when they cannot breathe properly).

I need to know where you live: Country and nearest large city in case I can locate a Bowen therapist who could help your son a lot.

So, let me give you some indication of what may be some of the problems he is having and what you can do about it.

If the attacks come on when he gets a cold and the cold goes straight onto his chest, then this is a quite common situation with children with asthma. Probably more than 80% have that sort of development when they get a cold. My website has a short film which you can see to help you treat your child VERY GENTLY. This works very well and is easy to do. Practise it on a pillow or another adult. It will not harm them. Then give your child a treatment every week for a few weeks. Also give him a treatment as soon as you think he has a problem, even if you treated him the day before.

The most important thing to do is to use the "Bowen Release Move" which is illustrated on the website as a few photos, but is also demonstrated on one of the films. This is a VERY GENTLE move. You don't press into the body, just at skin level and you use that as soon as he starts having any problem (eg coughing) This releases the diaphragm, the main breathing muscle which goes into spasm if he becomes anxious or panics. (It works very well with panic attacks and anxiety apart from Asthma.

Next, if he starts coughing when he lies down in bed, or soon afterwards, then he may be allergic to "dust mites". In this case, you need to follow the Dust Mite procedures. Clear his bed, "Hoover" the mattress, the pillows, the duvet, wash all bedding and Hoover under the bed especially. He may have a favourite "Teddy Bear". This must be washed frequently or put in the Freezer for at least 4 hours frequently. Both would be good. Then start with fresh bedding. Damp wipe all surfaces around the bed and remove any day clothes from the bedroom. You need to repeat the Hoovering every day for at least a week, and frequently after that. There is now a new spacial cleaner for dust mites which works really well. This made by Ewbank and is called the "RayCop". It may not be available where you live.

Some children (actually, not many) are allergic to Dairy products (cows milk, cheese, yoghurt etc. If you suspect that, then cut it out (or anything else you suspect) for a week. If the situation improves, then re-introduce it slowly. They if he gets bad again, then you have a suspect and need to find an alternative, such as soya milk or goat's milk.

This is where I would start to see whether we have the changes you are hoping for. The Bowen moves are really very important as they will relax him (children love it!) and will relax the breathing muscles. It is really important to use the Bowen Release Move, so try it on yourself as well and do it twice a day for at least a week. This is for you to learn how to do it. Nothing should be painful at all.

Please let me know how you get on. If you cannot download the films, please e-mail me and I will forward you instructions for a free programme.

I hope this helps. If not, more information on when and how it affects him will be helpful.

Lastly. In 10 years doing this project, and treating some very serious cases too, I have never seen any different result between children on a lot of medication and those on no medication. I simply get the same results, so the amnount of medication is not a big problem for me.

I look forward to hearing from you further.

My son is 2.5 year cold, He generally get moderate to heavy wheezing on 2nd day of cold, and normally catches cold frequently. Can Bowen technique help in this. Also do you have a Bowen Therapist in San Antonio Area ?

Thank you for your question. .

First, your main question: will Bowen help your child. Based on my, now extensive, experience with children (and adults), the answer is most probably. Most children have the common cold as a main trigger for a chest infection which starts an asthma attack with some ending up in the Emergency Room. Some of those will need to be admitted. Many are prescribed antibiotics to deal with the chest infection. Many don’t seem to recover well from one cold to the next so producing an endless cycle.

My experience with giving these cases Bowen is that, from the very first treatment, the situation changes. The cold does not go onto their chest and so the need for visiting Hospital and being prescribed antibiotics or steroids is eliminated in almost all cases. I often hear, 2-3 years on, that they have never needed antibiotics for a chest infection from that first treatment. My logic suggests that the immune system is brought up to the correct level and so defends the body as it should.

Unfortunately, I have not found a therapist on the website that is near you. The current list is below.

However an old list of mine (2002) lists 3 Bowen therapists in San Antonio TX who may just no longer belong to the Bowen Association. You could contact them and decide whether to consult them.

If none of these can help, please contact me again. The simple treatment illustrated on my website is there for you to try to do it yourself in the absence of a qualified practitioner. I often get questions like yours from countries where there are no Bowen therapists at all, or the nearest is 200 miles away or more. However, I would recommend an experienced therapist if you can find one. The procedure for a 2.5 year old is not difficult, nor is it invasive in any way and only takes a moment as they need very little treatment to have a very big effect.

You should also learn the “Release Move” as this is very effective if the child has any difficulty breathing and in a (very rare) emergency situation is very effective. You should practice it on yourself, twice a day for a week to get used to using it – very gently. This is a signal, not a manipulation. Once you have learnt it, you will have it always. It has an amazing effect in almost all cases. Use it early, as soon as you detect a problem brewing. Leave it a few minutes and repeat if necessary. If it does not work, it is usually because someone is doing it too low, over the stomach.

Thank you for contacting me

Dear sir

my kid is 3 years now.he often suffers from cold and cough sometimes with wheezing . How can i keep my kids immune system good.Is this leads to asthama
we are staying in sweden. When searching in net i came to see your website.I am unable to view the 3 techniques in your site

Thank you for your question.

Firstly, viewing the films on The movies are in .mov format and can be viewed using the standard Apple Quicktime Application which is free from Apple. It can be downloaded from the link below and is available for Mac and PC. Please let me know if you still have problems with this.

There are Bowen therapists in Sweden now. If you would like to indicate the nearest large town to you, I will try to find one for you. Treatment for a 3 year old is usually very simple. The results I have usually got are excellent, unless there is some other problem there we don't know about. The frequent colds and chest infections are very common with young asthmatics. Most get the with this result. However, after only a very few Bowen treatments, often after the first even, they no longer have the problem of the chest infections. I very much hope this will be so in your case too. If we can find someone for you, I will gladly offer them my advice based on many cases. If we cannot find one, then the film will show you what to do yourself. It is not difficult and completely safe.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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