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Relieve Childhood Asthma with Bowen Therapy
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Hi, My son is 3 year old. He is suffering from viral induced wheeze, as soon as he catches cold we endup in A&E. He first time had an attack when he was 18 Months. Since then we have had 17 admissions. No allergy family history. I tried bowen 2 times by therepist and between treatement he did not got any chest infections. But 3 weeks later he had one again and we ended up in Hospital. I tried to do the bowen move myself and it did definitely relieved his rapid breathing but didn't stop wheezing completely. He doesn't suffer from any food allergy, but should I try eliminating dairy. He is on high does of steroid inhaler as well as montelukast, but nothing seems to stop the admissions unfortunately. Please guide.

Thank you for your question. There are several questions I would like to ask you if you are willing to talk to me. My number (in UK as I don't know where you are!) is below. My advice to Bowen therapists is that they should continue treatments until the child is "stable". That, I usually find, is when the next "cold" is a normal cold without complications involving the chest. So, the first piece of advice would be to continue with Bowen for a bit longer on a weekly basis, unless he begins another attack when I recommend a treatment immediately, if possible. However, I would always recommend Hospital if you are in any way concerned at the developing attack. (I encourage therapists to come out to sick children immediately if possible. My own offer is 24/7/365 days.

One question I will be asking is, when do his attacks start, usually. Does he cough a lot when he lies down in bed. As to your question re Dairy, this is one of the least causes (but I have known it to be the main cause in one case). Prof Andy Bush, a much respected Pediatric Respiratory Consultant both in UK and Europe, indicated Dairy as being the least cause of attacks in a long list! Nevertheless, if you want to try it, stop all dairy for a week, then slowly re-introduce it. That should show you if he is allergic.

If you are happy to talk to me please contact me on 01892 543 588 or internationally +44 1 892 543 588 or email me at [email protected].

Sir my son is 23 month old he got chest infection ,colds frequently almost after every 6 or 7 weeks he had to b admitted in hospital for couple of times after giving nublizer and blue inhaler he recoverd immediately now his GP diagnosed him with mild childhood asthma and suggested blue inhaler for him please tell Me about the flu jab and cure in winter .we live in birmingham. UK.

Thank you for your question. as always, I am very sorry to hear that your child has asthma. As it is "mild" asthma, I suspect the GP has given you an inhaler which you should use when your son becomes breathless. This is called a "Reliever" spray to help him breathe when he has an attack.

I am not sure what you mean by the "flu jab". Perhaps we need to discuss that on the telephone.

My experience has shown that giving a child of 2 or under a very simple, short Bowen treatment seems to stop children getting chest infection symptoms very quickly. I will be happy to talk to you if you would like to call me when convenient. My telephone number is 01892 543 588. I have treated many children of this age and none has needed to be sent to Hospital any more. Of course, this is never a guarantee, but at least it is an indication that the work works well in many cases.

I look forward to talking with you.


My husband has liver cirrhosis from last one year. Now he is ok but not able to going at work. Because he has weakness and swollen on legs, cold,and so may small problems.
I live in pune and we are think to give him Bowen therapy. But really this therapy cured him. His liver is 40% damaged and after therapy his liver function is 100% work? Please tell me the details.

I think you are asking me whether Bowen Therapy would heal your Husband's liver to 100%. I am sorry, but I don't know as I have not treated anyone with cirrhosis of the Liver before, even though I treat a very wide range of conditions. Some are also very rare.

So I will give you my opinion which, I hope, will be of help to you.

First Bowen is a very gentle therapy which would be helpful to someone with this condition. (If the therapist uses very strong moves, change the therapist!) I would expect Bowen to help with the drainage of his legs. There is a very gentle set of moves down the calf which, usually, changes the pressure in the calf (back of the legs). You could also try using Washing Soda (grains like salt, not crystal sizes) put on the leg dry with a towel wrapped around the leg, over-night. This usually draws a lot of the fluid out over-night.

The rest of Bowen would help a balance of the body to be started which would, I hope, be very helpful over time.

The useful thing is to try two treatments and see what happens. It is usually very relaxing, which helps the body to start its healing process.

I hope that is of help to you and that your Husband recovers well and soon.

Alastair Rattray

I am having breathing problem for last 3 months and I do not even have cold. Right now I am taking ROmilast B but it does not work.

I am very sorry that I have only just seen your message from over a year ago. The system is supposed to send me a message bur seems to have stopped doing so!

I hope that, by now, you have recovered. I am not familiar with thsi drug but would usually not comment on a drug as that is up to the Doctor to decide on. However, your breathing difficulties can come from a number of causes. many people suffering in this way may have developed an allergy to something. One way of finding out is to note what you did/eat or what happened just before the breathing problem occurred as the body will resppond to an allergy that it is not happy with by producing Histamine to help get rid of the attacker. For instance, many asthmatics are allergic to Dust Mite droppings. So, when they lie down in bed, they start coughing soon afterwards as a very fine dust cloud will have been brethed in by them With the "attack", the diaphragm, your main breathing muscle will go into some spasm which, of course causes some increase in anxiety - which causes an increase in diaphragm spasm... That is why the "Emergency" Bowen move works very well in that it causes the diaphragm to relax.

Have another look at the website and try it out if you are still having problems. Generally, Bowen is excellent at relaxing you so one or two sessions will quickly point to whether Bowen will help you.

All the best

Alastair Rattray

My daughter has been hospitalized annually with asthma complicated to pneumonia since she was 2 years old. Now she had hard attacks this year and almost hospitalized the second time but we just tried treatment at home since we really don't have the budget this time. As I was browsing the internet about asthma treatments, I came to your site.

I am a Filipino and we are in the Philippines. Is there any therapist here for Bowen Technique? If none then is there a way for me to learn this so that I can apply to my daughter. I watched your video and tried it to my daughter but I can't tell yet if it is working.

Thanks for taking time to read this letter. I hope to hear your reply soon.

More power to your site and technique.

Eli Jone

Thank you for your question. Firstly, I am sorry to say that there does not appear to be anyone trained in Bowen in the Philippines. However, I am very pleased to hear that you have watched the video and tried to use the few moves I have illustrated for you.

You need to continue to give her the treatments about every 5-7 days for the moment. Also, use the “Release Move” gently if she gets wheezy or starts coughing. You can do this as often as you like and don’t need to wait to give her a treatment. This is to get the body used to the treatment. Bowen is very subtle so there are not always big signs of what is actually happening. If you would like let me have more details of her conditions, there may be other things I can help you with.

The treatments you are giving need to be gentle. The moves are only small signals to the nervous systems. This helps to wake the immune system up in many cases as the children, who often have a cold, which goes straight onto their chest, and then develop into a more serious attack seem to, in most cases, change after having Bowen. They still might have a cold, but it does not usually go onto their chest any more, so the asthma attack does not develop any more.

I would like to know the frequency of her attacks, whether a cold starts it, when it usually seems to occur (both time of year and even if there is a typical time of day (eg when she goes to bed and lies down for instance).

very few cases actually react to dairy products. It is easy to test for that. You simply cut out all dairy for a week and if the child gets better and then if you re-introduce dairy they get worse then obviously the dairy may be a problem. It is a case of listing all possible "suspects" if you can.

The pneumonia is obviously a problem. I am wondering how often she gets this.

Also, are you using "Skype" with your computer. This could be useful for us to have a chat about it all.

Let's keep in touch and I will help you all I can.


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