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Relieve Childhood Asthma with Bowen Therapy
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Working with Asthma in Children

Case Studies

Baby born one month prematurely suffering from mucus and wheezing
Written by Alastair Rattray.   Published on 07 April 2006.

Jacob was born just over one month prematurely and, like most babies at this stage, was full of mucus which he had great difficulty expelling. At night, his breathing sounded "like Darth Vader" according to his parents and was a deep, rattling wheeze. Both eyelids were a deep, bright red and were described by the doctor as being probable birthmarks. He had some breathing difficulty all the time, often suffered from hiccups and his nose was stuffed up since birth. The hospital consultant advised the parents that it would talk 6 months for the mucus to clear.

The parents were told to use a saline drip up his nose 4 times a day to help clear the mucus as the doctor was concerned as to his condition. They were also told to give him Ventolin before sleeping, and up to 4 times a day. This they found very difficult to do. Jacob was then brought for his first Bowen treatment at three months old, which only took a few moments and were very gentle.

That night, mucus poured out of him from every part; his nappy, mouth and nose. It was green and thick and looked infected. The bright red eyelids mostly cleared and were clearly due to mucus congestion. Straight after the treatment, Jacob "chilled out" and relaxed to such an extent that his parents had to check on him. They could no longer hear his noisy breathing at night.

On the fourth day, Jacob was brought in to a Bowen class to show the effect of Bowen on a case like this. What we all saw was, a very cheerful, happy, well-looking baby with no mucus around his nose, breathing normally without any sign of wheeze or rattle.

Jacob continues to make excellent progress, still occasionally bringing up some mucus, though it now looks yellow or clear and no longer looks infected. Apparently Jacob's first words were "My Mum and Dad think Bowen is fantastic!"

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