Relieve Childhood Asthma with The Bowen Technique
Relieve Childhood Asthma with Bowen Therapy
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Working with Asthma in Children

Case Studies

A child coughing for 5 months
Written by Alastair Rattray.   Published on 07 April 2006.

Oscar was 14 months old in early 2004. He had been coughing continuously, day and night for some 5 months. He had been prescribed Ventolin as a reliever but, despite many attempts by his mother, had had no relief from it. Additionally, he had been waking 5 times every night with increasing difficulty in breathing. As he became more and more frightened, he was holding on to his mother for some 30 minutes each time before he would relax and go back to sleep. The consultant planned to give him Becotide (a steroid inhaler used as a "preventer") in a few weeks time. Oscar's mother was 7 months pregnant and so the loss of sleep every night was taking its toll.

Having been to have blood tests at their local hospital with disastrous results, Oscar was very wary of all "white coats". He had been subjected to three different people attempting to take blood only for the registrar to drop the little amount they had extracted. Oscar's parents refused to allow any further attempts as the child (and parents!) were by this time traumatised.

Oscar's mother found out about Bowen on this web site and brought him for a treatment. He was still coughing lustily, as well as wheezing. The treatment only took less than a minute and was so gentle that Oscar thought he was being tickled! That night mucus poured out of him. His nappy was full of it as well. Although he woke 5 times that first night, this time he was not clinging. By the third night Oscar had stopped coughing and was sleeping through. Although the specialist wanted him to start on Becotide, his parents decided to delay the start of this part of his treatment as he made such excellent progress. He remains fine and has a Bowen treatment, if needed, from time to time, though mainly for colds.

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