Relieve Childhood Asthma with The Bowen Technique
Relieve Childhood Asthma with Bowen Therapy
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Working with Asthma in Children

Case Studies

A 13 year old asthmatic with sinusitis
Written by Alastair Rattray.   Published on 17 June 2002.

The 13 year old was frequently unwell, often missing days at school. When she caught any illness, asthma attcks would also develop to such an extent that it would be worse than the illness. The sinusitis had developed over three years previously, adding to her misery. She was unable to join her friends for any length of time. Her mother described her daughter as "small" and that the child had often said "I just don't feel well". Additionally, she had headaches most days and frequent nose bleeds.

When we met, I was surprised to see a "short" rather than "small" child. It seemed that the body was perfectly healthy, but was not working properly. During her first treatment, she felt her face clearing for the first time for years.
She received a treatment, at first, every week or two and the sinusitis and nose bleeds cleared after about five weeks. Her headaches reduced more and more over the coming two months until they disappeared.

After the initial treatments, she received a treatment every month or so unless she was unwell for any reason. On those occasions, she was treated immeditely, which usually stopped a cold or illness developing. The reason for this immediate action was to prevent the asthmatic condition developing by stopping the "triggers" from having any effect.

Treatment stopped after eight months. At no time did she develop an asthmatic attack except on one occasion when the familiar wheezing and hard cough develped strongly. One treatment immediately cleared up the problem.

Nearly two years on, she has never had another asthmatic attack, nor has the sinusitis returned.
One remarkable observation was that, after about five or six weeks she began to grow significantly.
A more "normal" life for this thirteen year old was possible within two months or so of starting treatment when she was able to join her friends for parties and "sleep-overs" which she had been missing out on for so long. Her father described her as now full of energy and tearing about enjoying life.

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