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Working with Asthma in Children

Case Studies

Written by Alastair Rattray.   Published on 28 January 2004.

Following on from the article in The Times on 22 November 2003 about Bowen and Asthma, a large number of hits on the web site led to cases being treated around the country. This case highlights how wonderfully effective Bowen is when we treat children with respiratory problems. Jason responded immediately.

Jason is thirteen and is a long-term asthma victim. He is very sensitive to his breathing difficulties and was often ill for three weeks at a time. School attendance during the Autumn 2003 term was only 77%. He woke every night coughing and wheezing, needing his inhaler, so he was always tired. He used his inhaler about 5 times a day. After his first treatment, his breathing had considerably improved. By the fourth night, he slept all the way through and has not needed his Ventolin at all since then. Before his first treatment, he tried the emergency move gently for himself and found it helped immediately. His mother commented that his shoulders then just came down and down.

His mother wrote: "Jason had his 3rd treatment today. He is great. No coughing, wheezing or sneezing. Full of beans, happy, bouncy and glowing with health! I found out this evening that he stopped taking his preventer inhaler earlier this week. Bit scary. I shall take him to the asthma nurse next week and discuss it with her. He says he feels fine, doesn't feel like he needs them. Seems to think his asthma has gone, could run a marathon, or round the school field three times! Many, many thanks for putting the info on your web site."

Although this is a fine, and very typical, result, Jason's mother has been advised to discuss the "preventer" medication with the asthma nurse this week as asthma can creep up unawares if the child becomes ill, or catches a cold. However what we usually see is that the "discretionary" use of medication, such as Ventolin, is needed less and less very quickly.

As of 6 February 2004, he is still doing fine.

Update 25 April 2004 Jason remains fine.

Update 22 September 2004 Jason remains fine. Since starting his Bowen treatments, he has only been off school 3 or 4 days in two terms. This is a great improvement on an attendence report of only 77% due to illness during last Autumn term.

Update 12 October 2004
Jason's mother is now trained in Bowen. She wrote today - "Jason went down with a cold last week. Very chesty. He actually let me do 2 sessions on him during that time because of how his chest felt. Seems to have done the trick. He had 2 days off school, because he coughed so much it made him sick. Last year it would have gone to his chest with antibiotics, steroids and 3 weeks, if not 4, off school. Amazing difference. I thank the day I found your website!"

Update 30 March 2005
Jason is still good, he says he doesn't use his blue inhaler(reliever, Ventolin) at all now but still takes the preventer daily as doctor says. No coughing at night, no chest infections, just the odd ordinary cold!!!!

Update 11 September 2005
Jason remains well and is "terrific"!

Update 15 March 2006
Jason continues to be well.

Update 21 May 2006
His mother reports "Jason is doing brilliantly, you'd hardly know he is asthmatic. He has recently had the most awful cold, and it didn't trigger his asthma, and I don't think he used his blue inhaler at all."

Update 9 February 2007
You wouldn't recognise Jason - he is just about 6', deep voiced, hairy. Never uses his blue inhaler, only uses his preventer 3-4 times a week, and is weaning off it.
I thank the day I found your website and we came to see you. I know that was the turning point for him.

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