Relieve Childhood Asthma with The Bowen Technique
Relieve Childhood Asthma with Bowen Therapy
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Working with Asthma in Children

Case Studies

A reaction to animals
Written by Alastair Rattray.   Published on 18 November 2003.

A 13 year-old girl was having regular asthma attacks and was being sent home from school almost every week. Her mother was also unwell and the child had had to call the emergency services on two previous occasions, so was always very anxious about the mother's condition.
The attacks often seemed to start early in the morning and progressively get worse during the morning, often on a Monday. Anxiety appeared to be the trigger. She was usually careful about dairy products and there were no animals in the house.

The child responded immediately and well to the Bowen treatment. However, by the following week, the attacks appeared again on a Monday or Tuesday morning. After some careful questioning of the family's programme over the weekend, it transpired that they always had lunch on a Sunday with Grandmother who had a large, hairy dog! The child would then come home and sleep with her Sunday clothes in her bedroom. The asthma attack would then start at about 6.00 am the following morning.

Visits to the dog were then stopped and the house completely cleaned. All surfaces were cleaned with a damp cloth. The asthma attacks stopped. When the child saw the doctor some months later recently, the doctor told her, "If I didn't know you were an asthmatic, I would now pass you fit for the army!" The situation has remained good six months on.

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