Relieve Childhood Asthma with The Bowen Technique
Relieve Childhood Asthma with Bowen Therapy
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Working with Asthma in Children

Case Studies

Two children helped remotely
Written by Alastair Rattray.   Published on 10 February 2003.

A parent wrote to the web site recently saying the following: " My two year old son is suffering from asthma attacks and the medication is no longer working. My father died of asthma and so I am very frightened for my son. Please can you help."

The self-help guide was sent to him immediately. This described in detail the simple Bowen Technique Asthma / Respiratory Procedure. However, it did not include any photographs at that time. After about 5 days, he wrote again to say that he had been practising the procedure all night but still wondered how quickly the moves were made. Advice was immediately sent.

When he next wrote a few weeks later, his two year old son had recovered but his six year old son was now having daily asthma attacks. The medication again was not working, but neither was the Bowen procedure either. The cause seemed probably to be a trigger that was bringing on the attacks despite the Bowen. He was advised to check whether dairy products were being given.

He replied a few days later. He had never been advised to cut out dairy products! As soon as he stopped these, the child immediately recovered, being "50% better each successive day".
The weather had got very cold where they lived which usually caused the asthma to return. However, neither child had had any problem.

He has just written to say that his eldest son woke with a cough this week. When his father asked what he wanted to help him, the child asked for the Bowen moves. The cough stopped 10 minutes later.

An enhanced guide is being prepared and will shortly be made available, but only to places where there is no Bowen Technique therapist available, as it is far better to have a trained person to look after the situation. Details of the guide will be posted on the site as soon as it is finished.

Update February 2005
Both children remain fine and receive Bowen treatments every 2 weeks from the parent, who is now also treating a friend's child successfully.

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