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Working with Asthma in Children


The Bowen Child Asthma Project - an update
Written by Alastair Rattray.   Published on 25 April 2004.

An update for the Bowen Therapists European Register Newsletter in February 2004

Following on from the article in The Times on 22 November 2003 about Bowen and Asthma, a large number of hits on the web site ( led to cases being treated around the country. An example of three cases again highlight how wonderfully effective Bowen is when we treat children with respiratory problems. All three have responded immediately. While these three are on-going cases, their progress is nevertheless very similar to all my previous cases.

Olivia is six and has been on steroids since she was a baby. She could not run more than 20 yards without needing her inhaler and would often have difficulty speaking without taking many breaths. She could not sing more than a line at a time without gasping for breath, though she loves singing with her sister. Breathing was always laboured with her shoulders rising up and down in a typical fashion and wheezing constantly. Any cold would lead to a chest infection needing antibiotics. She was on Becotide morning and evening and Ventolin, when needed, during the day and during the night. She was starting a cold when I arrived to treat her and her mother had not given her any medication "so we can see what happens!". At the end of her first treatment, the wheezing virtually stopped. The following day she ran all the way home from school, and has not stopped running around all day ever since. She was starting a chesty cough the day I arrived for her third treatment. That cold also stopped by the following day. Her medication halved from the start and by last week (mid January) she had no medication at all, all week. She caught the flu from her mother last week but has managed well, without any wheezing at all. Interestingly, her breathing was totally normal with no sign of the laboured breath we started with just before Christmas, and she was back to school the day after treatment. She is often singing whole verses with her sister now and no longer has a "steroid" look in her face. Her mother commented about Christmas Day: "I had to note all this because previously I would not have opted to go out , especially for a day, as this would have been a worse case scenario for Olivia's health and my stress levels. What actually happened was so rare, I had to note it down. Olivia was just one of 4 very happy, very healthy, excited children today. No pump, no allergic reactions, no need for Mum to act like a neurotic nurse! Lovely day, a mini miracle!" This was after just 2 treatments. She has now had a total of six and will go onto a "maintenance" programme with treatments every 2 -3 weeks.

Jason is twelve and is also a long-term asthma victim. He is very sensitive and often ill for three weeks at a time. School attendance last term was only 77%. He woke every night coughing and wheezing, needing his inhaler, so he was always tired. He used his Becotide about 5 times a day. After his first treatment, his breathing had considerably improved. By the fourth night, he slept all the way through and has not needed his Ventolin at all. Before his first treatment, he tried the emergency move gently for himself and found it helped immediately. His mother commented that his shoulders then just came down and down. He has just had a second treatment but has not needed his Ventolin at all, it now just sits in a cupboard.

Oscar is 15 months old and has recently been diagnosed as asthmatic. He was waking at least four times a night coughing, keeping his mother up for at least half an hour at a time. Recently he had become more distressed, needing to hold onto her as well. His mother is expecting a child in two months time and was becoming very tired and anxious about how she was going to cope. He is on Ventolin and will be given Becotide in two weeks time when he sees the consultant. He had his first treatment a few days ago. His breathing was better by the time he got home and he was much less distressed at night. By the third night, he slept all the way through. The chesty mucus has stopped, maybe because he has now also cut out bananas.

In each of these cases, Bowen has given the immune system a boost, so the children have recovered from illness very quickly. Many parents have commented on how their children seem to cope with illness so much better after even only one treatment.

A recent report suggested that the UK has the highest number of asthma cases in Europe. This included one and a half million children suffering from asthma. The effect of this on whole families can be considerable. It has been a significant feature of the project that children usually respond immediately and that the knock-on effect on the parents is also immense. There is no doubt that Bowen can significantly change the situation for young asthma sufferers and their families. We all need to get that message out to the wider world. In my experience, Bowen seems to work well every time, and very quickly. If the condition returns after one or two treatments, it is often because the "trigger" has not yet been identified and isolated (see previous article in the Autumn Edition of BTER News). Once that has been dealt with, progress is usually excellent. There are many children out there needing your help, but they, and their families don't yet know that you could help them!

If you have a case you would like to include now in the project, please contact Alastair Rattray at or on 01892 547 703.

Alastair Rattray

Alastair Rattray is an ECBS Teacher and has been researching the effects of Bowen on children up to 14 years old with asthma and respiratory problems for the past four years.

© Alastair Rattray

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