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Relieve Childhood Asthma with Bowen Therapy
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my 3 months son suffer a skin asthma.... how can i treat him? it there an any medicine that can i give him or it possible that the skin asthma will be vanish when my son going teenager? if there is medicine what is it?

Skin asthma is usually called eczema but gets the term "skin asthma" because some asthmatics get both. There are many reasons for it so an ideal solution is difficult to give . There are creams which help to keep the skin moist, Aloe Vera can help. There is no "medication" as such that deals with it, just creams and lotions. You can also make sure that your child is not allergic to the washing power used for clotes. "Biological" ones have been known to casue this type of skin problem. You can find a number of suggestions on the internet by putting in the word "Eczema".

Many cases do grow out of the condition though some do last longer.In the meantime, look for anything which seems to make it worse. This could include certain foods, colourings, chemicals being use to clean the property, sprays, synthetic clothing. You need to be a bit of a detective.

I have an skin asthma all over my body, it will attacked during my monthly period and when i go out to go to other place. I think it is because of my dry skin and because of the wind, dust, etc.. Please help me on my problem.. What best soap, cream, lotion, medicine that i take to stop the skin asthma attack? What are the proper medication to stop the skin asthma? Thanks and more power.. God Bless..

Enter your reply to the above question in this box.Thank you for your question to my web site at . I don’t have much direct experience in treating this condition (otherwise called Eczema) and I would usually leave that to the doctors to deal with. What I do have experience of is treating asthmatics with respiratory problems. The two conditions often go together, though not always. I do appreciate the great frustration you are feeling with it. I do know you need to test out the various washing powders to see whether your condition is sensitive to one of them. Eg biological powders seem to cause problems. The monthly cycle problem does point towards a hormonal imbalance and here Bowen often helps in getting the hormonal system more in balance overall. But with asthmatics with both conditions, the “skin asthma” as you call it sometimes gets a bit more active while the Asthma reduces considerably. It then gets less itself as the body seems to be trying to push the “skin asthma” out and eventually succeeds (though not completely).

I am not sure where you live but if you can indicate your town and country I can try to find a Bowen therapists who may be able to help you.

Dear sir,
I am pretty impressed with the wonderful technique described.My 4 years old nephew is suffering from childhood asthma.He has a real chesty cough during the episodes.In the beginning, we tried bronchodilators with prophylactic use of Ketotifen, but in vain.Now for last ten months, he has been fairly controlled on 5 mg dose of Montelukast.What should we do to make his life comfortable and what would be the duration of treatment, as stopping treatment a month ago resulted in recurrence.Would you please also let me know about childhood ashtma socities, providing guidance.
Very Kind Regards
Dr W.Ashraf

Thank you for your question. I am not sure where you are so cannot advise you on a local therapist. Nevertheless, I can reassure you that Bowen works very quickly, usually. I find that those cases which keep responding and then having a setback frequently are cases where either, the triggers (eg dust mites not being controlled) are still in evidence or that there is further investigation needing to be done. In this case, it sounds like a well controlled situation, but nevertheless drug-controlled. In many such cases I have found that very few Bowen treatments are needed. My advice to therapists, based on hundreds of my cases now, is to treat weekly until the child is “stable”. By that I mean there have been no further instances of wheezing perhaps, a cold has not gone immediately onto their chest (very common and almost always immediately stop with Bowen) and no other symptoms being apparent. Then they can treat fortnightly or 3 weeks apart and quickly extend the period. In practice, I usually find we can stop at this point. However, at the first sign of any symptoms (eg wheezing, coughing, tight chest, or a cold going onto the chest, treatment should start immediately (ie today. I will always make room for an asthmatic today if I am physically here to do so, whatever day of the week it is). This stops the attack in its tracks. It also reduces the hyper-sensitivity to the triggers which often means we can control the situation very quickly in one or two sessions if need be.

Next is the “Release Move” which is done very gently. This can be done even by children of about 6-7 years old. If it does not work, it is usually because it is being done too low down on the stomach. It should be done, very gently and as often as need be, just below the Xiphoid. This is a sensitive area for the diaphragm and the move releases tension in the diaphragm quickly in an emergency (eg if there is pain there, this releases immediately, and in a major asthma attack, this releases the diaphragm which allows the patient to then breath both in and out. Some cases have been using Ventolin 20 times a day. They literally stop using it over-night. AND they cannot lose it (the thumb!) it does not run out nor does it break. Very cheap too!! You will see the Release Move on my web site.

Next, if you are in a country where there are no local Bowen therapists, please look at my other web site where you will find 3 short films. One of these demonstrates how to treat the child very easily. It is all done very lightly as you can see (Deep pressure is absolutely not needed!) and so you can treat the child quite easily yourself. There are other things a fully trained Bowen Therapist will do, but these are extras. If you try it yourself, please let me know how you get on.

Treat weekly, or if there is any further attack, Immediately. The release move can take a few minutes to work sometimes so be patient. Children usually love it. If they are very young you can split up the work and just use a finger for one side and a thumb for the other and let them wander around playing, reading, distracted from what you are doing.

If it is night time ashma, as soon as they go to bed for instance, then the room and bed needs to be “Hoovered” every day. Any “fluffy” toys/dolls etc need to spend some time in the washing machine frequently or in the Freezer!

I hope you find this of help. Please let me know what I else you would like advice on from me. It really does work, and is easy.

hello. I am currently 15 yrs old and i have a skin asthma. well, that's what all the dermatologists tell me. so after reading all the other questions here, i'm not quite sure if this is really skin asthma or execma...anyway, can i ask some help from you guys? i don't really remember since when i have this kind of ailment...i think since i was in preschool i already have this, at around 5 yrs old. ok, let me get to the point. this so called

"Skin Asthma" is a name given in some countries to Eczema which is a skin condition often suffered by asthmatics. I am sure you have been given lots of advice but, in case any of these ideas are new to you, I am including them in my answer.

Firstly, Bowen has helped many cases. If they have asthma and ezcema at the same time, the asthma improves quickly, but the eczema may get a little worse before it gets a lot better. This is because the body is trying to "get rid of it" through the skin. Many have found it helpful.

Some other possible irritants which you have not have heard about are, "Biological" washing powder, some foods, so take note of when it gets worse as to what you may have been eating previously. You are looking for common points to reference as we often take a lot of what we do and eat for granted.

Chemical cleaning agents are being pushed more and more on TV (in the UK sales have gone up 60% in a very few years). They may get on the skin from all sorts of sources.

I will also ask colleagues for any particulr creams which have been helpful. I have found, in some cases, that Manuka Honey (Active at least 10+ and NOT runny as that means it has been processed)has helped some and not oters, It is very good if the skin gets infected. Very quickly heals as it is a super antiseptic.... but a bit sticky! You need a dry dressing to cover it.

Finally, it is advisable to keep the skin moist if you can.

What is a good solution to prevent asthma?

As there are a number of variations on "asthma" it is very difficult to suggest any one solution, if one were really possible. If there is a history of asthma in the family, I would suggest having just a few Bowen treatments as this seems to lower the hyper-responsiveness of the body to allergens connected with asthma.

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